I had the worst night of sleep last night, not only did I have difficulty falling asleep but I also I kept waking up with a start at random parts of the night (either a gasp, a confused grunt or by a jump, like someone had shocked me with a taser. At one point I even woke up and said “ew.” I have no idea why and confused myself thoroughly). I blame my poor nights sleep on the previous days eating and my (at the time inspired) choice of chocolate for dinner. My god, yes. We didn’t have much food left in the holiday house and my boyfriend fell ill early in the day. (He drives us into town, as I do not have my licence) So I started the day with white bread with nothing on it (oh, yes I did) and then finished off a pack of chicken flavoured potato chips. Then, I finished the rest of the bread with some more avocado, tomato and lemon juice. I gazed into my stash at dinner time…all I had left was a white chocolate bar. Whoops. So I ate that bad boy in a minute tops, while watching Big Bang Theory. It felt good at the time, until boyfriend entered the room to sleep so I figured i’d best shut the show off and join him. That’s when the problems started.

Every other night in the house I have had a perfect nights sleep…at bed time I could fall asleep easily and then I wouldn’t open my eyes until the morning. Turns out I function better eating actual food…how about that?  It was a real awakening to realise how essential vegetables and spacing out my (real) meals really is. I’d rather have a grumpy tummy than a foggy brain, that’s for sure.

One of my goals for the year will be to eat some veggies at lunch instead of making a beeline for Hungry Jacks, and to avoid chocolate and lollies. Because I sleep terribly and I never even realised why that was until I was here and eating properly. There was a vast improvement in my sleep after giving up Coke, but it was even better once I started lunching on about a kilo more vegetables than I am used to. It’s hard to see when you don’t know any differently, eh?

What other goals should I consider? I’m having a lot of fun deciding. The post is going to be a long one!


I’ve been away at Inverloch (beachy Victorian town) for the past few days, as a traditional new years trip…each year the boyfriend and I go to a holiday house with a group of friends. It’s a nice house in a good spot, walking distance from the beach and driving distance to a McDonalds for greasy breakfast treats in Wonthaggi. *Cough* Yeah, I am healthy…

Actually I have been doing okay in the eating and drinking department despite a couple of visits to Maccas for egg muffins, I have decided that i can only really settle of moderation and do the best I can. Also, one of the great things about going away is that the boyfriend cooks for me…and he understands my disinterest in meats, so he serves me up lunches and dinners of vegetable stir fries, avocado,  tomato and lemon juice on toast and soup. My body isn’t used to so many veggies in such a short period of time, so it has been a bit grumpy with me of late. But, that’s to be expected and it hasn’t been too distressing. I am realising that lemon is a very useful and tasty additon to foods. As a child I only ever had it on pancakes, so the first few tastes of my toast were a little confusing! But it’s something I will be adding to food often in the future.

While I haven’t been drinking Coke and my body has thanked me for that with solid nights of sleep and no tummy aches, I have been having a few alcoholic drinks. I did find that the sugar got to me and I couldn’t handle more than three in one night. I actually poured half of my last one down the drain because I couldn’t take any more sugar. Even in my tipsy state I just couldn’t stomach it. The old me could drink 10 Cruisers in one night and feel fantastic, but not anymore. I just felt…full. Like, I had been gorging on chocolates for an entire day, each mouthful felt like I was chewing down peas as a child, “but Mum, they’re GROSS!”

I’m working on my goals for the year and it’s all very exciting, many food related ones are dancing around in my head! So, that post is on it’s way.

On the 16th of December I caved and drank a Coke. Okay, so it was a regular sized one from Hungry Jacks, but just as bad…so I learnt. I had been having a tough week, a lot had happened and I was very upset. Not that it really justifies it. I went to get some lunch, as I required onion rings, stat. Normally when I indulge in such lunches, I ask for a lemonade or a multi v juice. If they accidently give me Coke, I ask them to change it for another drink. Every other day I have managed to do that fine, (despite the fact I ask for lemonade each time, I still end up being given Coke) but when this lunch time came around, and they gave me Coke by mistake…and I said absolutely nothing. The first two or three gulps were pure heaven…then it tasted like nothing but brown water and failure. But I drank it down in about four seconds. After that, I was blitzed with energy…I had the most hyperactive afternoon of my life. I went home full of beans and cleaned my room, arranged my DVD’s and games on a shelf that I had been neglecting for about four weeks. It had been constructed and was leaning against my wall, all I had to do was put the shelves in and stack stuff onto them, but I hadn’t had the energy to THINK about doing that. I thought I had come across something magical at that point…I WAS BACK!

Then…I didn’t get to sleep until about one in the morning and I wanted to die the next day.

Boyfriend says it’s all about moderation and it doesn’t matter but my sudden break in the strike left me a little despondent. What was I meant to do now? Had I failed? Had I done okay in just having one drink in two and a half months? What do I do now? Get more and chug it with bourbon and forget my troubles?  But no, I just stopped drinking it again and put it down to being a life lesson of sorts. It really wasn’t worth it.

I might not praise myself on many things, but one thing I do praise is my willpower…mostly due to severe perfectionism. This is normally a bad thing, like when I was in school and I couldn’t finish my homework because I had to start over to make the handwriting neater, or when I would spend months in art class, trying to finish a folio and have nothing by the end of it, “nothing was good enough.” I find it very difficult to reach my extremely high standards, and it’s painfully difficult to lower them and know I am not doing the best of the best. But, with something like cancelling out something I am consuming, it’s easy. Either I drink Coke, and I fail, or I don’t have any and I succeed. There isn’t a middle man, any thoughts creeping through that say I could have done that BETTER, or FASTER. It’s just, “I didn’t have any Coke this week, if I have one, that ruins the streak…so I won’t.”

Five weeks today! :edit: WAITAMINUTE! Am I SIX weeks into my strike instead of five?! HOW DID I LOSE COUNT OF THIS?! From my comments, I started on the 4th of October. WOAH I GAINED A WEEK! SIX WEEKS!

Only problem? I’m drinking a lemonade fairly often these days. I think it’s because the places I eat lunch at offer fizzy drinks, now I don’t want to have the Coke, and I just go for the clear drink to prevent staining my teeth further and I don’t want to split my meals up and pay more for less. It should be encouraging me to eat less of those foods, but it isn’t at this point.

But, my goal was less caffeine. That’s what I have done so far. Then I move onto the next thing, and the next. There will always be something else.

Gift time for my efforts? I think so.

It’s been awhile! I get into ruts where I think about everything I could be writing about, and just don’t come to the blog. I want to make this a regular blog, but right now my goal is to just post every month or so. Eventually, i’ll come in with all of the other great ideas I have to improve this place.

The strike is in full force! Monday will mark my three week Coke Zero free aniversary. Three weeks without caffeine, it’s outrageous! I am unsure if I am being healthier in this act, sure, I am not hopped up on a weak energy drink and consuming something that stains my teeth horrifically, but in turn I drink a lot of juices and a splash of lemonade to compensate. Naughty me. I feel right now it is an accomplishment, because I wanted to get off of caffeine and prove to myself I didn’t really need  it, then the next step was improving my teeth, and ensuring I don’t have to have the same teeth refilled every damn year.

I didn’t really notice much of a change coming off of Coke, and I only really ever wanted it when I saw that someone else had some. I had a few cans left over from when I was drinking it, they sat in my kitchen and I never so much as looked at them until my Mother asked if she could have one. As soon as she cracked the can open, something clicked in my head and I wanted…nay, NEEDED it. It was what I imagine a cigarette craving to be like. Uncomfortable. Painful. But, I made it through and praised my willpower. My general day to day moods haven’t changed much, but I do have wicked tired spells in the afternoon, but when that happens I eat something and that helps a lot, I can literally feel the energy kick.

Next step, fight the craving to drink lemonade and utilise the water cooler at work. I still have wicked sugar cravings, so I need to find a new way to combat those rather than drinking fizzy drinks or long life fruit juices. Cordial might be my next avenue, if I can get away from the fizz, then have weak cordial, I might be able to move onto tea…lemon in water…eventually I will get there.

Then, once I am addicted to water…food changes.

Yeah, that says “gaining” not “losing” I know, it’s a crazy idea! If you try to Google “healthy dieting” or “gain weight” you normally get results for bodybuilding, or healthy diets to lose weight, and the topic of gaining is rarely covered, but it’s something I need to do. I weight fifty kilos. Yes, that’s right fifty, I teeter from forty nine to fifty, and that is my only fluctuation, I have never exceeded fifty in my entire life. This can be a bit of a shock to some. All I really know on the matter so far is I am classed as undeweight due to my BMI. I always have been but no one ever really told me to take any serious action against it. One doctor would always tell me that I needed to gain a bit, and should get around to it, but other than that, it never really came up often.

I am in no way shape or form, anorexic. I have no eating disorder of any kind, I just eat poorly, I eat a lot of food, but just the wrong food. I was raised on good, healthy food, and fizzy drinks were a sometimes treat, in all other respects I was healthy, but I was so light that I couldn’t even hold the cinema seat down with my weight, so it would fold up with me in it. As I grew, I realised I could eat whatever I wanted without changing even slightly, so I did. This eventually developed into half a pack of cookies for breakfast, Red Rooster for lunch (normally some artificial chicken strips and chips, or a wrap with some tomato, cheese and lettuce and the aforementioned artifical chicken) and a box of pizza shapes for a snack, not to mention the three or four cans (and sometimes even a 600ml bottle) of Coke Zero inbetween all of that. Maybe a 600ml bottle of water, at the best of times,  is also included. I knew I had a problem when I stopped posting in a “what i ate today” thread on a forum that I frequent, because I was so ashamed of my diet and couldn’t even show my friends what I had eaten. Working in a desk job has that benefit for me, because no one ever really sees what I eat, a few friends know me as a Coke Zero addict, and I have a reputation for being a Maccas fiend as well, but I can gorge on bad stuff at my desk and people don’t really see all of it.

I rarely read the nutrition information on food packaging, but I have started and today I learnt that a recommended serving of my favourite chocolate chip cookies is two biscuits (21g). I can’t even begin to imagine stopping at two biscuits. I can finish a whole pack and then crack open a bag of chips afterwards. I am constantly hungry and always need to be chewing something, I can’t be without a snack, ever. I understand that eating healthy will probably eliminate a lot of the hunger cause i’m eating things that my body can actually USE, and when I do eat something healthy, I do feel satisfied for longer, but I also have to fight that vice like grip of deliciousness…and cravings. Oh, my cravings for food are intense! I do enjoy healthy foods, I think they taste great, a lot better than some soggy hot chips and sweet and sour sauce, but the matter of the fact is one is a lot more convienient than the other. I go home to a house with nothing but some tomatoes, old, black bananas and bread and I know that rather than make a tomato sandwich and peek inside a banana, I am going to go and get some chips. In the mornings, I grab some cans of Coke and am so tired and out of it I need to focus solely on dressing and preparing to face the outside world. I need to break free of this, and maybe even begin to shop for real foods, instead of taking the non perishable route and grabbing boxes I can take to work and leave in a drawer for emergencies.  I travel by train to work so this deters me from making lunches or bringing things that need to be cooked or stored in the fridge, because I wonder if they will last the trip, and don’t really know the limits of foods, and all there is to  know about storing them. Spring is amongst us, and our summers are exceptionally scorching here in Melbourne, so I don’t know what I will do for those, in particular. If I worked near a supermarket, i’d be better, I think, cause i’d buy what I needed for the day and then take it straight back to work and prepare or eat. But, the suburb we are currently in has nothing but  a…yeah, you guessed it, Red Rooster… oh! …and a liquor shop.

My day zero list will eventually contain actionable goals I can use to move forward in this subject, for now I need to figure out how I will measure them, what to focus on first and how to feel good about small changes when I always demand perfection and 100% change instantly (which normally leads to failure, understandably).

I figured i’d list a few reasons that this has come about, just so I can refer to them later when I think it’s all pointless and want to just not bother bringing any lunch to work. Again.

Everything I eat shows up in my skin, as a kid I had amazing skin, but after my teens, it became a disaster…congested, blotchy, a combination of oily and dry…with a few random pimples. I aim to eat better, or at least up the water intake, to see if that helps me out.

Cost is also a serious issue, I save a lot of money and feel very accomplished by this but I spend a lot on food…a lot. Today, I spent $9.45 on a small meal at Red Rooster. Nine forty five…on a small meal, which compromises of three chicken strips, a small chips and water. The water tilted the price up because it’s seventy cents extra for water, just cause I got a 600ml bottle over the kiddy pop top which was probably about 200ml. I am also the type of woman to complain about buying a six dollar salad sandwich, so by comparison, this is ridiculous and needs to stop. Did I mention I visit this place at least three to four times per week?! I normally get the larger meals, which are over ten dollars. Ten dollars for a near uselesss meal is pretty bad.

I. Am. Tired. Constantly. I feel slighlty refreshed today because I had a lot of sleep yesterday afternoon, I had a looovely nap which felt more like a coma, and then woke up around tea time, and then got to bed at my normal time again. So, I woke up feeling good for the first time in a long time, I need that extra sleep and I don’t give it to myself. But, my diet has me lethargic, weak and demotivated a  lot of the time. I can guzzle a coke or two and then perk up for awhile, but that inevitable crash is always around the corner.

If I were eating better, I could probably justify exercising. Right now I just think to myself that there isn’t much point in taking vitamins or getting active, because the foods I eat don’t really support those actions. If I start to change the diet, the other acts will follow. Boyfriend wants to get into some running…I am not much of a runner but I will gasp and flail my arms around trying to catch up with him. I’m supportive like that. (lol) He keeps mentioning that I need to buy running shoes, which will be happening very soon, a good pair is very expensive…you know boyfriend, my birthday IS coming up…(21 sleeps, but who is counting?!)

While investigating and researching, as I do very frequently, I discovered this blog post which pretty much sums it all up for me and I found it pretty inspiring. I am always on the look out for blogs, articles, books or anything out there that can teach me a thing or two. Bonne Sante is also a great blog to check out. I’ve always loved reading about food and healthy eating, ironically.

I’m a slow mover, but drinking more water and less Coke is the first point of focus. It’s not much but i’m doing what I am capable of, for now. I will include my goals with a goal post, when I finally figure out what they are! I need assistance with this. How can I measure such goals, what is a good, realistic but acceptable goal? Something that really counts, instead of the whole extra water bottle thing. I need to get started on this. It’s going to happen!

Sometimes I can’t help myself, I just have to spend a nice evening on Youtube, looking up lame, funny, and…somewhat strange advertisements. Tonight, focused on Nintendo.

When I saw this, the first thing I thought of was that cheap shot at focusing the sales of the DSi on older people, “Mothers will love this pink mothers day DS!” “Your grandfather will love taking photos of you, his grandchild, on the new Nintendo DSi! HE CAN STICK A MARIO MOUSTACHE ON YOU!” You can’t tell me that there is one child under the age of 10 that doesn’t want, nay need something currently that Nintendo sells, but they need their parents to want something too. Excellent. Just incase you didn’t catch the meaning, if you stop playing…YOU’RE OLD! Market to children! …and me.

Now, am I the only one that thought, “dude, I want an American state shaped Gameboy…THAT KICKS ASS!” ? Then, went on to decide which one would look the coolest? I’m thinking Ohio. Just to be different. Expected to me to pick Texas or something? Nah. I like to surprise people.

I have no idea what that ad was about, but that’s the first thing I thought of, and if I were to travel back in time, and be 9 years old, living in America somewhere, plop myself infront of the TV, and witness this commercial…I would have thought the exact same thing. “I WANT AN AMERICA STATE GAMEBOY BECAUSE I LIVE IN *insert state here*”

What the frankenberry? Now, Pokemon IS a pretty strange concept…fuzzy creatures that can only speak one word (with exception to Meowth, of course) that live in coloured balls and fight eachother, though don’t kill eachother, ever, and can be healed by being placed in machine and glowed for a few seconds. Yeah. It’s weird. But loveable, addictive and cute. This advert? …f*cking strange. It doesn’t make me want the Gameboy…it…it’s a…goose. Pooping out Gameboys. What a dumb kid, look at all of those golden eggs, he could be buying Gameboys! THINK OF ALL OF THE GAMEBOYS!

I dare you to get through this advert without cringing. TOTALLY RAD! I can’t help but giggle at it.

Alright, i’m off to find more hilarity!

Super Mario Bros. Oh yes. Due partly to age, and financial issues, (“no, we will NOT buy a NES ‘just because’ Jacinta!”) I did not begin my personal video game journey until grade two, when I received a Super Nintendo for Christmas. Before that happened though, my next door neighbours, who were a few years older than I, had a Nintendo Entertainment System, and I had the green monster bad. I would go over there at every opportunity and play, three games I remember vividly were Spy VS Spy, Super Mario Bros and Tennis.

Boyfriend has been exploring the various little cheats and ways through the game, and has handed on some to me. What a dear.

Did you know that after you get a game over, if you hold the A button down at the title screen and then press the start button, it will start your “new” game right back at the world you left off from? I kept dying in World 8, and this was handy to jump back to 8-1 without having to start over and find all of the warp pipes back to 8 again. I can’t believe I didn’t know to do this! Could have saved me a lot of time as  kiddy.

Got a craving to play again, as if hog the NES, boyfriend! Oh, wait…I am grown up and have a job now. I should really invest in one of my own.


Lately I have been keeping gigantic lists on my phone for these posts.

Bright colours and video games, combined. Look at that photo, it’s awesome. Becoming a professional train stander: Weird that I am proud of this? Hell no. I am one of those people that stands up in trains because there is no room to sit during my home time commute. I am one of those business types that stares blankly at her phone, the floor, or out of the window, while standing perfectly balanced as the train races over bumps, changes tracks and generally rattles around like a lawn mower. I knew I finally kicked ass at this when people would be standing next to me, and they would fall over or clutch the bars desperately and I wouldn’t even move, or i’d hold a hand out to touch the bar, realise I didn’t really need it, and move away. I can still remember when I was a student and I would be scared to rise from my seat when the train was slowing down to my stop! Oh, those days are no more. Work experience kids: Working for a pittance, but always desperate to please employers, mostly due to the fact that evaluations were normally sent back to their year coordinators…(I mean, what? Don’t know why. No clue at all.) Anyway, these kids are marvels in my eyes, especially because they normally get sent to the administration team to fufill that “pointless busywork” such as filling envelopes, photocopying, shredding and what have you. These are my jobs. To have someone helping out, (and at lightning pace, might I add!) was a godsend. He got so much work done, I am still in shock and wondering if he would be a better fit to the team than I! But, all jokes aside, they make my day. My work is moving offices in mid October, so I need all the help I can get sorting out this work. I know how much it can suck to be the work experience kid, (much like my current job, except I get paid more, haha) knowing that you’re going to get five bucks for sticking labels onto envelopes for six hours isn’t really a joyful experience…so they all deserve thanks for what they do, because it saves someone else in the business time to get other stuff done! Thank you! Smushing everything together into a gigantic block of writing: Excellent. When other people tip you off that your train is arriving: My train home is very inconsistent, some day it leaves before it was meant to arrive, and some days it’s 10 minutes late. Some days it arrives on the incorrect platform, some days it accidently overshoots the station. Mmm, burning rubber smell. One thing is for sure, though, you can always tell what’s going to happen by monitoring the familiar faces around you. I have about five people that I see catching the train everyday, if they’re running to the platform, I run, if they’re walking, I walk. If I see them wandering to the other side of the station, they must have heard an announcement I didn’t, I follow them. They never steer me wrong, ever. I may look like a stalker, but it’s a hell of a lot better than having to wait 28 minutes for the next late train. Realising a much smarter way of doing things, much much much much…much later: Some would call this a blonde moment, or a “what the f*ck Jacinta, are you mentally challenged or what?” moment, but I love it. You’ve been doing something one way for ages, out of habit, and don’t think of any other way to do it. Until much later. My way was to go shopping on Thursdays, then I could have McDonalds (known to the masses as ‘Cheeseburger Day,’ a guilty pleasure of mine) and then buy various other fun things. One day, a Wednesday, I needed to grocery shop. Oh no, but shopping centres aren’t open late on Wednesdays! WHAT ABOUT THE CHEESEBURGER?! So, I went to the shopping center, ran in before they closed, shuck through to the after hours supermarket and did my shop. Cheeseburger-less. It wasn’t until about a month later that I realised that I could have gone to a different suburb, three train stops away, where they have TWO supermarkets, and a McDonalds. All 24 hour. Oh. Duh. So, now I have multiple chances to shop and eat delicious, very unhealthy goodness. It only took me from April until now to figure that one out, that’s great. The sun is out later: Oh, spring! I LOVE SPRING! I am so glad it’s here. I was starting to lose it, waking up in the morning, going to the station in the dark, and then at hometime, getting off the train…in the fricken dark. Cold. Dark. Evil. Now, it’s light in the morning, the sun is still setting in the evening, and the breeze isn’t as angry and cold. We are very close to October, the best month of the year! I could keep going: But I need to grab lunch!

What’s kickin’ ass for you?

Now, advertisements…sometimes they’re cute, or funny…but normally, easily forgotten. As a child, you don’t really notice them…but then, Youtube saves the day. Unless you’re lactose intolerant or dislike unhealthy refrigerated treats, you love Yogo. I loved Yogo’s as a kid and I love them now, chocolate, banana…strawberry, oh and that honeycomb flavour…effing brilliant. Love them. While I wandered the streets of Youtube, I found the advertisements for those delicious tubs of goodness. I laughed uncontrollably all the way through them. If they tried to have an ad like one of these on TV now, it’d be banned in minutes. Explosions, plane highjackings, theft…blatant parodies of movies…but my god, they’re so hilarious and lighthearted, despite the drama.

Yogo Gorillas Speed Parody adventure.

Cliffhanger. “Don’t let go Yo!” “Did you say…Yogo? Yum!”


Have any favourite adverts? I love searching through Youtube and constantly watch stuff from the early 90’s and 80’s and I am looking for new search terms!