One: While I have little to no use for those sticky notes, I do like throwing the F bomb around and if I could work in an office that would let me use those on documents, my life would definitely be complete. Well, I can dream, right? I have seen something similar in stores before, clutched them tightly and convinced myself it’s not necessary to own them…just yet.

Two: I’ve seen these sushi magnets in random shops everywhere, for something so small they are dramatically expensive, so that pisses me off and I don’t buy them, but they’re pretty cute.

Three: Lego is fantastic and the chance to adorn it on my fingers is too difficult to pass up. My Mega block necklace (also red) is one of the best pieces I have ever bought. A matching ring would be fantastic.

Four: It’s Elite…of course I want to own something with the word Elite in the name…I also like to play games, especially on something shiny that will remember that I haven’t gained any achievements recently. I am also borrowing my boyfriends little Pro and it makes me feel empty inside every time I switch it on because it logs him in as default. His avatar is creepy, it’s not even human, it’s like a…yellow…striped alien dude.