I have recently joined the Day Zero Project. The basic gist of it is, to complete 101 goals in 1001 days, and because I need to work harder on creating and completing goals, one of my goals is actually to WRITE the 101 goals. I’m up to 15 currently but I am carefully chosing things that are of the utmost importance. It can be difficult to write a goal that is easy to measure and tick off, while being something you really wish to change, I couldn’t quite understand why people would write goals like, “drink more water” to be completed by 2012.  By the time I reach December 2012 I won’t remember that I drank water every single day for the 1001 days. So, it’s better to formulate something like, “drink a litre of water everyday during April 2010.” and then by May, I can either tick it off and make a new goal with (maybe with an increase of water intake) for May, or hide from my computer. Something measurable is more likely to be completed. You can read through a directory of the goals other people have formulated for themselves, and while some seem fair to me, (get my licence) others just aren’t workable, and will most likely be procrastinated and ignored, especially if you’re going for a 1001 day project (exercise everyday).

Some of the goals I made for myself that I am pretty excited about are: “fill a money tin to the top with change,” I recently did this and decided to buy a new tin, and make it a goal because it felt great to pour a gigantic pile of change into a sorting machine at the bank and watch the number grow and grow on the little blue, glowing screen. I reached a saving goal I have been waiting for, for about two years, thanks to that extra change! Normally I would have spent the coins on bits and pieces, because I used to have a little box I kept change in, and I would open it whenever I wanted change for something that I really didn’t need. So, when I bought a tin that could only broken into with a can opener, it was easier to keep away from the change, and to instantly deposit it into my bank account was fantastic.  I think if they gave me cash,  I would have chipped away at it by buying food and train tickets.

‘Buy beautiful lingerie,’ well, this one is self explanatory I guess…it might be easier to seduce a long-term boyfriend in something pretty, and NOT my pink, flannel pyjamas with owls printed on them. I have also never really owned anything like that before, just practical undergarments, and not fun enough!

‘Buy Japanese for Dummies and learn a few phrases,’ all my life I have wanted to go to Japan, it started when I was young and my Dad and I always planned go to, but we just never had the money for it and didn’t win the lotto, so it sort of died out after a while. Lately I have been thinking about it as a possibility later in my life, even though I have never been overseas before, or even left the state I currently live in, it’s somewhere I want to go before I die. So, I thought i’d start getting a grasp on some words, how to ask for things, and learning a few essential travel tips now, instead of later when the trip is booked and I am panicking about not knowing how to ask where the bathroom is.

‘Maintain a blog of various topics,’ well, so far so good!

‘Print and frame best photos on camera,’ once I moved to digital photos, I stopped framing them because I had either buy ink and photo paper, or pay a fortune at Kmart and fight with a machine (they’re so frustrating…I nearly punched one once…) to get some prints. So, i’d just admire photos on my phone, computer, whatever I could transfer them to…but I want something a little more special. I am going to fight those HP machines for my right to frame pictures of my loved ones. It had to be a goal, and not just a to do thing…because I really do hate those machines. I can’t stress that enough.

As time goes by I will finish the list and have some things done, and I am quite hopeful for an impressive percentage completed by the end of it. I know I don’t have many people viewing this blog just yet, seeing as it is so new, but does anyone have any goals set or are you using any other great websites I should know about?

Tomato and cheese sandwiches, (I really like them, but if they’re not your thing, best wishes!)