Here we go!

3D view on Google maps: Dude, I thought this was just an April fools joke, but the little, happy orange man is still showing off his 3D glasses and everything is still a fun, blue and red tinge. I love Google. I spend way too much time on maps finding where my next interview is, or exploring foreign countries, so this was a surprising and very cute touch.

chocolatiers Australia eggs: Oh, they were so good…I wasn’t going to have any chocolate this easter, I thought of maybe buying some when it was on sale after the weekend, but Dad came home with some of these eggs for me and they were ever so yummy. Especially the Abstract Heaven one, it was pretty much just a marble one with a bit of white chocolate amongst regular milk chocolate but it really made my weekend. Yes, food can make a weekend.

Still using Metcards: So Myki is flailing and flopping around on the floor…and if someone doesn’t throw it into the water soon, it’ll die. Well…that’s probably a poor example regarding ticket machines. I love Metcards and I am so glad they haven’t put Myki into place yet, and everyday I have to press in daily concession, zone 2 into a machine to have it spit out a blue piece of cardboard, I will be happy. It’s nostalgic to me, it’s pleasant, and it’s one thing in this world that just…works. So, why replace it?

90’s music: So, I buy a lot of CD’s, I just go to through JB and grab as many $9.99 titles as I can, and this is a relatively cheap way to get all of the music I used to listen to back in the day. I recently bought Nsync, Bon Jovi, Pink and Christina Agulera,  but don’t tell my boyfriend, he just wouldn’t understand. Bye bye bye!

YouTube knows me: So, YouTube never really ‘got’ me, I would visit and there would be suggestions for me on the homepage that just didn’t make sense, oh yeah…I can’t wait to see that sporting event highlight…but lately it’s been really catering to my needs. I have been looking everywhere for the shortened version of a song, not the extended clip that goes for nine minutes, just the song…without all of the story in between. So, YouTube finally finds it for me. Also, thanks for all of the walk through videos for Final Fantasy VII, it’s making me want to play it again. Good website, good!

Great interview: I had a pleasant interview this week, and this is a very rare occurence, normally I walk in and am attacked with behavioural questions, and analysed on a level I simply don’t understand, while a panel smirk at me. But, I had a lovely chat to a nice boss, saw where I would be working, a nice private spot with plenty of desk space…and the questionnaire I DID have to do showed great results when I was talked through it, and it was actually a self-confidence boost! Also, it’s a job i’d really be comfortable doing, so wish me luck that I hear good words from them! I think I did well, so I am just happy with that.

…and then a day after writing that, I got offered that job. So that belongs in here too!

Hope you all had a great week.