One: Nintendo DSi XL…I just got a DS lite and now I already want the newest one because of the pretty colours, (I am favouring the bronze variety) huge screen and stylus that looks like a pen. I like new things.

Two: Heart locket Pandora bracelet charm. I recently got a bracelet and one charm as a gift, and I have been eyeing off this charm for awhile now, I used to own a bracelet with a charm just like it when I was a kid, so when I saw it I told myself I had to have it.

Three: Nokia X6, it looks oh so pretty and every time I see it in a catalogue or on a website I want it a bit more, I have a very old phone that refuses to charge on a regular basis. I need an upgrade.

Four: A new Lego house…any Lego house really, I have had a constructed one sitting on my desk for awhile now, I could deconstruct it and make one of the other varieties (it’s a three in one house) but i’d rather get a new one with different colours and plants and people and build that too. I love Lego.