Inspired by TiLT, but never on Thursday!

You can like comments now! Don’t you just love when you think to yourself, “hm, it’d be great if you could do that…hm,” and then someone actually decides it’s a good idea? Yeah, well, that happened when I found out you could like seperate comments on Facebook…normally i’d comment back and be like, “oh man, if I could like that…IT’D SO BE HAPPENING UP IN HERE!” and now, I can just like it and my notifcations have tripled. Win.

My boyfriend is a video game collector…it’s starting to get quite big and his current focus is Game Boys, I love everything about video games and their consoles…mostly it’s aesthetic for me, I just love the pop colours and design. Finding new ones he needs at markets or shops is a great feeling. I found the gold Gameboy Light, which was only sold in Japan originally but was mystically at a Cash Converters in the eastern ‘burbs of Melbourne. Even looking at updated photos is exciting…man, he needs to put these on a Flickr or something. I can never remember his URL’s for them all. His collection is beautiful to me. Click the pic!

Love & Sequins: Oh, christ, I am addicted…I can’t stop buying these podcasts. I’m currently listening to number 7, which is all about blogging. I always feel so inspired after listening to her content.

New shelves: I recently bought a new bookcase and set it up in my room, threw out an old desk and chucked out a lot of junk I didn’t need anymore. I then set up the shelf with toys, books and other lovelies. I really don’t act my age, because the top shelf is filled with my old stuffed toys and a Lego house which I adore, oh, and my Yoshi figurine. I’m so glad it’s done and dusted, also, it covers a frosted window which leads to the bathroom, and for the first time in my life, I am not woken up when someone goes into the bathroom to take a shower, because it blocks the light. Miracle! My house used to be much smaller and it was a window that led to the outside, then they extended and added a bathroom and an extra bedroom but left the window there. Luckily you can’t see anything except for light through it!

MS Office 2010 is here…oh, yeah…I spose that makes me an epic admin nerd that I am excited about that, yes? I was literally excited and jumping about thinking that they might have changed the standard font…seriously! But, I love that.

My mother just started learning how to SMS: It’s pretty funny…she got the caps stuck on and does not know how to turn it off, today I got a message which looked exactly like this “HOW ARE YOU FEELING                                                JACINTA” Yes, with those spaces…she always gets so shocked when I respond so quickly with two paragraphs of information, and I can’t help but giggle at that too, hey, i’ve been doing this for a decade  now! Oh my god, I have been texting for a decade?!

Was this early or late? I’m going to say early! Show me the links to your loves, so I can read away!