917 days left, 25% complete, 20 goals.

Alrighty, i’ve got the best songs on loop and i’m feeling inspired so i’m going to review my goals, what I have added, what I have completed and what I have avoided entirely:

Fill a money tin to the top with change: It’s almost there! Coins stand up when you put them in the slot now, after a shake they fall in, so it’s really getting close to my favourite part, cashing in and finding out the total!

Complete all of the scanning that is in the storage boxes at work: DONE! basically scanning is what you think it is, scanning pieces of paper, so instead of a hard copy, you can look up any archived file on a computer database. It’s a great idea in theory, but not so flash when no one knows what to call documents, where they want them, or even…what they are. I thought it would never happen, there were so many client files to create and SO many difficult documents that made so little sense in the beginning, but after a slight brain break and tonnes of investigation and work, it’s all done. The storage room is empty and I received praise and applause at the last staff meeting. Yes, applause…I was informed that the previous scanning staff member never received praise or applause. I am dependent on staff delivering new scanning to me now, which means I have more time to assist other people with whatever needs to be done, so I feel useful now, and can wander to reception and work on newsletters, help with mailouts and do other great stuff.

Find out my blood type: I have absolutely no idea what it is…no one has ever told me, and I never felt the need to ask…now I am curious! So, that’s easy.

Buy Japanese for Dummies and learn a few phrases: In my last post about goals I mentioned this one, but this has been edited to get a good Japanese textbook because my boyfriend thinks learning to read AND speak would be the best route and we’re looking into texts which can help with this…we found a fantastic one, but of course it was a well over my price range, so we had to leave it for awhile.

It’s taking a long time for me to select goals and reach 101 but I think that’s a good thing because i’m making ones I really want to achieve…not just stupid stuff I will ignore.

Has anyone else started using this website? I find most visitors click on the link for it on this blog, so I think it’s a winner.