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Now, advertisements…sometimes they’re cute, or funny…but normally, easily forgotten. As a child, you don’t really notice them…but then, Youtube saves the day. Unless you’re lactose intolerant or dislike unhealthy refrigerated treats, you love Yogo. I loved Yogo’s as a kid and I love them now, chocolate, banana…strawberry, oh and that honeycomb flavour…effing brilliant. Love them. While I wandered the streets of Youtube, I found the advertisements for those delicious tubs of goodness. I laughed uncontrollably all the way through them. If they tried to have an ad like one of these on TV now, it’d be banned in minutes. Explosions, plane highjackings, theft…blatant parodies of movies…but my god, they’re so hilarious and lighthearted, despite the drama.

Yogo Gorillas Speed Parody adventure.

Cliffhanger. “Don’t let go Yo!” “Did you say…Yogo? Yum!”


Have any favourite adverts? I love searching through Youtube and constantly watch stuff from the early 90’s and 80’s and I am looking for new search terms!


Reaching goals! I filled my change tin and rushed to the bank with it, chucked it all into the sorter and found a US five cent piece amongst the coins, (?) still not sure how that happened. But, I deposited the money straight to my savings account and it got me to a new savings goal!  Excellent.

The love of a man, I don’t know if will ever enjoy singledom now that I have been in a long term relationship, my favourite time of the week is weekends when I can spend time with him and cuddle at night. He drives me MENTAL but I also adore him.

Up and Go’s: I only just started drinking these now, but man, they’re tasty…especially Vanilla Ice. (Ice Ice BABY! Who on earth named this drink?! haha) I really do need the vitamins and minerals and it’s probably not the best place to get them but it helps me out because my diet is pretty ugly these days and I need to get in as much as I can. It’s my train beverage, and it’s good.

Blistex lip ointment, this stuff is amazing and I am a fan forever….it’s cooling, tingling and it smells and tastes great and it’s fantastic for hot OR cold weather, cause my lips chap at every opportunity, I also have a licking and chewing problem, which I cannot stop! It’s such an ingrained habit! So, I need something like this at hand all the time. I’m trying to use it to train myself, if I can taste it, it means I must be chewing! STOP! But, it’s really magical.

Thinking about what direction this blog should take: I’m trying to decide, mostly I just sway back and forth from the two topics of goals and love, but I always intended for there to be more to this place, but I am working on some ideas. Which is a lot of fun!

A tripod: My boyfriend purchased a tripod so he could pursue some photography projects, rather random projects, such as creating GIFS of his video game consoles. I’ll totally have a post of some of the photos sometime, but I do not have links at this time, unfortunately! He has one of his collection of Gameboys moving about, which sounds weird but it’s pretty cool…and slightly seizure inducing. But, he is borrowing my camera to use with the tripod, so I claim some rights to this product! I’m pretty excited to use it, hopefully start up some photo stuff of my own, or maybe get my own and use it with my fathers camera. I used to participate in threesixtyfive, which was a daily self portrait project, and the only thing that really held me back was inspiration and how to pose without holding the camera, or finding somewhere to sit it, and a tripod would have completely saved my sanity.  I didn’t really know how to…buy one, and never really bothered to ask, but when I found out how easy it was and that all cameras fit tripods, it opened up a world of new ideas in my brain!

Have a lovely day!