Now, advertisements…sometimes they’re cute, or funny…but normally, easily forgotten. As a child, you don’t really notice them…but then, Youtube saves the day. Unless you’re lactose intolerant or dislike unhealthy refrigerated treats, you love Yogo. I loved Yogo’s as a kid and I love them now, chocolate, banana…strawberry, oh and that honeycomb flavour…effing brilliant. Love them. While I wandered the streets of Youtube, I found the advertisements for those delicious tubs of goodness. I laughed uncontrollably all the way through them. If they tried to have an ad like one of these on TV now, it’d be banned in minutes. Explosions, plane highjackings, theft…blatant parodies of movies…but my god, they’re so hilarious and lighthearted, despite the drama.

Yogo Gorillas Speed Parody adventure.

Cliffhanger. “Don’t let go Yo!” “Did you say…Yogo? Yum!”


Have any favourite adverts? I love searching through Youtube and constantly watch stuff from the early 90’s and 80’s and I am looking for new search terms!