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Sometimes I can’t help myself, I just have to spend a nice evening on Youtube, looking up lame, funny, and…somewhat strange advertisements. Tonight, focused on Nintendo.

When I saw this, the first thing I thought of was that cheap shot at focusing the sales of the DSi on older people, “Mothers will love this pink mothers day DS!” “Your grandfather will love taking photos of you, his grandchild, on the new Nintendo DSi! HE CAN STICK A MARIO MOUSTACHE ON YOU!” You can’t tell me that there is one child under the age of 10 that doesn’t want, nay need something currently that Nintendo sells, but they need their parents to want something too. Excellent. Just incase you didn’t catch the meaning, if you stop playing…YOU’RE OLD! Market to children! …and me.

Now, am I the only one that thought, “dude, I want an American state shaped Gameboy…THAT KICKS ASS!” ? Then, went on to decide which one would look the coolest? I’m thinking Ohio. Just to be different. Expected to me to pick Texas or something? Nah. I like to surprise people.

I have no idea what that ad was about, but that’s the first thing I thought of, and if I were to travel back in time, and be 9 years old, living in America somewhere, plop myself infront of the TV, and witness this commercial…I would have thought the exact same thing. “I WANT AN AMERICA STATE GAMEBOY BECAUSE I LIVE IN *insert state here*”

What the frankenberry? Now, Pokemon IS a pretty strange concept…fuzzy creatures that can only speak one word (with exception to Meowth, of course) that live in coloured balls and fight eachother, though don’t kill eachother, ever, and can be healed by being placed in machine and glowed for a few seconds. Yeah. It’s weird. But loveable, addictive and cute. This advert? …f*cking strange. It doesn’t make me want the Gameboy…it…it’s a…goose. Pooping out Gameboys. What a dumb kid, look at all of those golden eggs, he could be buying Gameboys! THINK OF ALL OF THE GAMEBOYS!

I dare you to get through this advert without cringing. TOTALLY RAD! I can’t help but giggle at it.

Alright, i’m off to find more hilarity!


Super Mario Bros. Oh yes. Due partly to age, and financial issues, (“no, we will NOT buy a NES ‘just because’ Jacinta!”) I did not begin my personal video game journey until grade two, when I received a Super Nintendo for Christmas. Before that happened though, my next door neighbours, who were a few years older than I, had a Nintendo Entertainment System, and I had the green monster bad. I would go over there at every opportunity and play, three games I remember vividly were Spy VS Spy, Super Mario Bros and Tennis.

Boyfriend has been exploring the various little cheats and ways through the game, and has handed on some to me. What a dear.

Did you know that after you get a game over, if you hold the A button down at the title screen and then press the start button, it will start your “new” game right back at the world you left off from? I kept dying in World 8, and this was handy to jump back to 8-1 without having to start over and find all of the warp pipes back to 8 again. I can’t believe I didn’t know to do this! Could have saved me a lot of time as  kiddy.

Got a craving to play again, as if hog the NES, boyfriend! Oh, wait…I am grown up and have a job now. I should really invest in one of my own.


Lately I have been keeping gigantic lists on my phone for these posts.

Bright colours and video games, combined. Look at that photo, it’s awesome. Becoming a professional train stander: Weird that I am proud of this? Hell no. I am one of those people that stands up in trains because there is no room to sit during my home time commute. I am one of those business types that stares blankly at her phone, the floor, or out of the window, while standing perfectly balanced as the train races over bumps, changes tracks and generally rattles around like a lawn mower. I knew I finally kicked ass at this when people would be standing next to me, and they would fall over or clutch the bars desperately and I wouldn’t even move, or i’d hold a hand out to touch the bar, realise I didn’t really need it, and move away. I can still remember when I was a student and I would be scared to rise from my seat when the train was slowing down to my stop! Oh, those days are no more. Work experience kids: Working for a pittance, but always desperate to please employers, mostly due to the fact that evaluations were normally sent back to their year coordinators…(I mean, what? Don’t know why. No clue at all.) Anyway, these kids are marvels in my eyes, especially because they normally get sent to the administration team to fufill that “pointless busywork” such as filling envelopes, photocopying, shredding and what have you. These are my jobs. To have someone helping out, (and at lightning pace, might I add!) was a godsend. He got so much work done, I am still in shock and wondering if he would be a better fit to the team than I! But, all jokes aside, they make my day. My work is moving offices in mid October, so I need all the help I can get sorting out this work. I know how much it can suck to be the work experience kid, (much like my current job, except I get paid more, haha) knowing that you’re going to get five bucks for sticking labels onto envelopes for six hours isn’t really a joyful experience…so they all deserve thanks for what they do, because it saves someone else in the business time to get other stuff done! Thank you! Smushing everything together into a gigantic block of writing: Excellent. When other people tip you off that your train is arriving: My train home is very inconsistent, some day it leaves before it was meant to arrive, and some days it’s 10 minutes late. Some days it arrives on the incorrect platform, some days it accidently overshoots the station. Mmm, burning rubber smell. One thing is for sure, though, you can always tell what’s going to happen by monitoring the familiar faces around you. I have about five people that I see catching the train everyday, if they’re running to the platform, I run, if they’re walking, I walk. If I see them wandering to the other side of the station, they must have heard an announcement I didn’t, I follow them. They never steer me wrong, ever. I may look like a stalker, but it’s a hell of a lot better than having to wait 28 minutes for the next late train. Realising a much smarter way of doing things, much much much much…much later: Some would call this a blonde moment, or a “what the f*ck Jacinta, are you mentally challenged or what?” moment, but I love it. You’ve been doing something one way for ages, out of habit, and don’t think of any other way to do it. Until much later. My way was to go shopping on Thursdays, then I could have McDonalds (known to the masses as ‘Cheeseburger Day,’ a guilty pleasure of mine) and then buy various other fun things. One day, a Wednesday, I needed to grocery shop. Oh no, but shopping centres aren’t open late on Wednesdays! WHAT ABOUT THE CHEESEBURGER?! So, I went to the shopping center, ran in before they closed, shuck through to the after hours supermarket and did my shop. Cheeseburger-less. It wasn’t until about a month later that I realised that I could have gone to a different suburb, three train stops away, where they have TWO supermarkets, and a McDonalds. All 24 hour. Oh. Duh. So, now I have multiple chances to shop and eat delicious, very unhealthy goodness. It only took me from April until now to figure that one out, that’s great. The sun is out later: Oh, spring! I LOVE SPRING! I am so glad it’s here. I was starting to lose it, waking up in the morning, going to the station in the dark, and then at hometime, getting off the train…in the fricken dark. Cold. Dark. Evil. Now, it’s light in the morning, the sun is still setting in the evening, and the breeze isn’t as angry and cold. We are very close to October, the best month of the year! I could keep going: But I need to grab lunch!

What’s kickin’ ass for you?