Super Mario Bros. Oh yes. Due partly to age, and financial issues, (“no, we will NOT buy a NES ‘just because’ Jacinta!”) I did not begin my personal video game journey until grade two, when I received a Super Nintendo for Christmas. Before that happened though, my next door neighbours, who were a few years older than I, had a Nintendo Entertainment System, and I had the green monster bad. I would go over there at every opportunity and play, three games I remember vividly were Spy VS Spy, Super Mario Bros and Tennis.

Boyfriend has been exploring the various little cheats and ways through the game, and has handed on some to me. What a dear.

Did you know that after you get a game over, if you hold the A button down at the title screen and then press the start button, it will start your “new” game right back at the world you left off from? I kept dying in World 8, and this was handy to jump back to 8-1 without having to start over and find all of the warp pipes back to 8 again. I can’t believe I didn’t know to do this! Could have saved me a lot of time as  kiddy.

Got a craving to play again, as if hog the NES, boyfriend! Oh, wait…I am grown up and have a job now. I should really invest in one of my own.