It’s been awhile! I get into ruts where I think about everything I could be writing about, and just don’t come to the blog. I want to make this a regular blog, but right now my goal is to just post every month or so. Eventually, i’ll come in with all of the other great ideas I have to improve this place.

The strike is in full force! Monday will mark my three week Coke Zero free aniversary. Three weeks without caffeine, it’s outrageous! I am unsure if I am being healthier in this act, sure, I am not hopped up on a weak energy drink and consuming something that stains my teeth horrifically, but in turn I drink a lot of juices and a splash of lemonade to compensate. Naughty me. I feel right now it is an accomplishment, because I wanted to get off of caffeine and prove to myself I didn’t really need  it, then the next step was improving my teeth, and ensuring I don’t have to have the same teeth refilled every damn year.

I didn’t really notice much of a change coming off of Coke, and I only really ever wanted it when I saw that someone else had some. I had a few cans left over from when I was drinking it, they sat in my kitchen and I never so much as looked at them until my Mother asked if she could have one. As soon as she cracked the can open, something clicked in my head and I wanted…nay, NEEDED it. It was what I imagine a cigarette craving to be like. Uncomfortable. Painful. But, I made it through and praised my willpower. My general day to day moods haven’t changed much, but I do have wicked tired spells in the afternoon, but when that happens I eat something and that helps a lot, I can literally feel the energy kick.

Next step, fight the craving to drink lemonade and utilise the water cooler at work. I still have wicked sugar cravings, so I need to find a new way to combat those rather than drinking fizzy drinks or long life fruit juices. Cordial might be my next avenue, if I can get away from the fizz, then have weak cordial, I might be able to move onto tea…lemon in water…eventually I will get there.

Then, once I am addicted to water…food changes.