I might not praise myself on many things, but one thing I do praise is my willpower…mostly due to severe perfectionism. This is normally a bad thing, like when I was in school and I couldn’t finish my homework because I had to start over to make the handwriting neater, or when I would spend months in art class, trying to finish a folio and have nothing by the end of it, “nothing was good enough.” I find it very difficult to reach my extremely high standards, and it’s painfully difficult to lower them and know I am not doing the best of the best. But, with something like cancelling out something I am consuming, it’s easy. Either I drink Coke, and I fail, or I don’t have any and I succeed. There isn’t a middle man, any thoughts creeping through that say I could have done that BETTER, or FASTER. It’s just, “I didn’t have any Coke this week, if I have one, that ruins the streak…so I won’t.”

Five weeks today! :edit: WAITAMINUTE! Am I SIX weeks into my strike instead of five?! HOW DID I LOSE COUNT OF THIS?! From my comments, I started on the 4th of October. WOAH I GAINED A WEEK! SIX WEEKS!

Only problem? I’m drinking a lemonade fairly often these days. I think it’s because the places I eat lunch at offer fizzy drinks, now I don’t want to have the Coke, and I just go for the clear drink to prevent staining my teeth further and I don’t want to split my meals up and pay more for less. It should be encouraging me to eat less of those foods, but it isn’t at this point.

But, my goal was less caffeine. That’s what I have done so far. Then I move onto the next thing, and the next. There will always be something else.

Gift time for my efforts? I think so.