On the 16th of December I caved and drank a Coke. Okay, so it was a regular sized one from Hungry Jacks, but just as bad…so I learnt. I had been having a tough week, a lot had happened and I was very upset. Not that it really justifies it. I went to get some lunch, as I required onion rings, stat. Normally when I indulge in such lunches, I ask for a lemonade or a multi v juice. If they accidently give me Coke, I ask them to change it for another drink. Every other day I have managed to do that fine, (despite the fact I ask for lemonade each time, I still end up being given Coke) but when this lunch time came around, and they gave me Coke by mistake…and I said absolutely nothing. The first two or three gulps were pure heaven…then it tasted like nothing but brown water and failure. But I drank it down in about four seconds. After that, I was blitzed with energy…I had the most hyperactive afternoon of my life. I went home full of beans and cleaned my room, arranged my DVD’s and games on a shelf that I had been neglecting for about four weeks. It had been constructed and was leaning against my wall, all I had to do was put the shelves in and stack stuff onto them, but I hadn’t had the energy to THINK about doing that. I thought I had come across something magical at that point…I WAS BACK!

Then…I didn’t get to sleep until about one in the morning and I wanted to die the next day.

Boyfriend says it’s all about moderation and it doesn’t matter but my sudden break in the strike left me a little despondent. What was I meant to do now? Had I failed? Had I done okay in just having one drink in two and a half months? What do I do now? Get more and chug it with bourbon and forget my troubles?  But no, I just stopped drinking it again and put it down to being a life lesson of sorts. It really wasn’t worth it.