I’ve been away at Inverloch (beachy Victorian town) for the past few days, as a traditional new years trip…each year the boyfriend and I go to a holiday house with a group of friends. It’s a nice house in a good spot, walking distance from the beach and driving distance to a McDonalds for greasy breakfast treats in Wonthaggi. *Cough* Yeah, I am healthy…

Actually I have been doing okay in the eating and drinking department despite a couple of visits to Maccas for egg muffins, I have decided that i can only really settle of moderation and do the best I can. Also, one of the great things about going away is that the boyfriend cooks for me…and he understands my disinterest in meats, so he serves me up lunches and dinners of vegetable stir fries, avocado,  tomato and lemon juice on toast and soup. My body isn’t used to so many veggies in such a short period of time, so it has been a bit grumpy with me of late. But, that’s to be expected and it hasn’t been too distressing. I am realising that lemon is a very useful and tasty additon to foods. As a child I only ever had it on pancakes, so the first few tastes of my toast were a little confusing! But it’s something I will be adding to food often in the future.

While I haven’t been drinking Coke and my body has thanked me for that with solid nights of sleep and no tummy aches, I have been having a few alcoholic drinks. I did find that the sugar got to me and I couldn’t handle more than three in one night. I actually poured half of my last one down the drain because I couldn’t take any more sugar. Even in my tipsy state I just couldn’t stomach it. The old me could drink 10 Cruisers in one night and feel fantastic, but not anymore. I just felt…full. Like, I had been gorging on chocolates for an entire day, each mouthful felt like I was chewing down peas as a child, “but Mum, they’re GROSS!”

I’m working on my goals for the year and it’s all very exciting, many food related ones are dancing around in my head! So, that post is on it’s way.