I had the worst night of sleep last night, not only did I have difficulty falling asleep but I also I kept waking up with a start at random parts of the night (either a gasp, a confused grunt or by a jump, like someone had shocked me with a taser. At one point I even woke up and said “ew.” I have no idea why and confused myself thoroughly). I blame my poor nights sleep on the previous days eating and my (at the time inspired) choice of chocolate for dinner. My god, yes. We didn’t have much food left in the holiday house and my boyfriend fell ill early in the day. (He drives us into town, as I do not have my licence) So I started the day with white bread with nothing on it (oh, yes I did) and then finished off a pack of chicken flavoured potato chips. Then, I finished the rest of the bread with some more avocado, tomato and lemon juice. I gazed into my stash at dinner time…all I had left was a white chocolate bar. Whoops. So I ate that bad boy in a minute tops, while watching Big Bang Theory. It felt good at the time, until boyfriend entered the room to sleep so I figured i’d best shut the show off and join him. That’s when the problems started.

Every other night in the house I have had a perfect nights sleep…at bed time I could fall asleep easily and then I wouldn’t open my eyes until the morning. Turns out I function better eating actual food…how about that?  It was a real awakening to realise how essential vegetables and spacing out my (real) meals really is. I’d rather have a grumpy tummy than a foggy brain, that’s for sure.

One of my goals for the year will be to eat some veggies at lunch instead of making a beeline for Hungry Jacks, and to avoid chocolate and lollies. Because I sleep terribly and I never even realised why that was until I was here and eating properly. There was a vast improvement in my sleep after giving up Coke, but it was even better once I started lunching on about a kilo more vegetables than I am used to. It’s hard to see when you don’t know any differently, eh?

What other goals should I consider? I’m having a lot of fun deciding. The post is going to be a long one!