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Lately I have been keeping gigantic lists on my phone for these posts.

Bright colours and video games, combined. Look at that photo, it’s awesome. Becoming a professional train stander: Weird that I am proud of this? Hell no. I am one of those people that stands up in trains because there is no room to sit during my home time commute. I am one of those business types that stares blankly at her phone, the floor, or out of the window, while standing perfectly balanced as the train races over bumps, changes tracks and generally rattles around like a lawn mower. I knew I finally kicked ass at this when people would be standing next to me, and they would fall over or clutch the bars desperately and I wouldn’t even move, or i’d hold a hand out to touch the bar, realise I didn’t really need it, and move away. I can still remember when I was a student and I would be scared to rise from my seat when the train was slowing down to my stop! Oh, those days are no more. Work experience kids: Working for a pittance, but always desperate to please employers, mostly due to the fact that evaluations were normally sent back to their year coordinators…(I mean, what? Don’t know why. No clue at all.) Anyway, these kids are marvels in my eyes, especially because they normally get sent to the administration team to fufill that “pointless busywork” such as filling envelopes, photocopying, shredding and what have you. These are my jobs. To have someone helping out, (and at lightning pace, might I add!) was a godsend. He got so much work done, I am still in shock and wondering if he would be a better fit to the team than I! But, all jokes aside, they make my day. My work is moving offices in mid October, so I need all the help I can get sorting out this work. I know how much it can suck to be the work experience kid, (much like my current job, except I get paid more, haha) knowing that you’re going to get five bucks for sticking labels onto envelopes for six hours isn’t really a joyful experience…so they all deserve thanks for what they do, because it saves someone else in the business time to get other stuff done! Thank you! Smushing everything together into a gigantic block of writing: Excellent. When other people tip you off that your train is arriving: My train home is very inconsistent, some day it leaves before it was meant to arrive, and some days it’s 10 minutes late. Some days it arrives on the incorrect platform, some days it accidently overshoots the station. Mmm, burning rubber smell. One thing is for sure, though, you can always tell what’s going to happen by monitoring the familiar faces around you. I have about five people that I see catching the train everyday, if they’re running to the platform, I run, if they’re walking, I walk. If I see them wandering to the other side of the station, they must have heard an announcement I didn’t, I follow them. They never steer me wrong, ever. I may look like a stalker, but it’s a hell of a lot better than having to wait 28 minutes for the next late train. Realising a much smarter way of doing things, much much much much…much later: Some would call this a blonde moment, or a “what the f*ck Jacinta, are you mentally challenged or what?” moment, but I love it. You’ve been doing something one way for ages, out of habit, and don’t think of any other way to do it. Until much later. My way was to go shopping on Thursdays, then I could have McDonalds (known to the masses as ‘Cheeseburger Day,’ a guilty pleasure of mine) and then buy various other fun things. One day, a Wednesday, I needed to grocery shop. Oh no, but shopping centres aren’t open late on Wednesdays! WHAT ABOUT THE CHEESEBURGER?! So, I went to the shopping center, ran in before they closed, shuck through to the after hours supermarket and did my shop. Cheeseburger-less. It wasn’t until about a month later that I realised that I could have gone to a different suburb, three train stops away, where they have TWO supermarkets, and a McDonalds. All 24 hour. Oh. Duh. So, now I have multiple chances to shop and eat delicious, very unhealthy goodness. It only took me from April until now to figure that one out, that’s great. The sun is out later: Oh, spring! I LOVE SPRING! I am so glad it’s here. I was starting to lose it, waking up in the morning, going to the station in the dark, and then at hometime, getting off the train…in the fricken dark. Cold. Dark. Evil. Now, it’s light in the morning, the sun is still setting in the evening, and the breeze isn’t as angry and cold. We are very close to October, the best month of the year! I could keep going: But I need to grab lunch!

What’s kickin’ ass for you?


Now, advertisements…sometimes they’re cute, or funny…but normally, easily forgotten. As a child, you don’t really notice them…but then, Youtube saves the day. Unless you’re lactose intolerant or dislike unhealthy refrigerated treats, you love Yogo. I loved Yogo’s as a kid and I love them now, chocolate, banana…strawberry, oh and that honeycomb flavour…effing brilliant. Love them. While I wandered the streets of Youtube, I found the advertisements for those delicious tubs of goodness. I laughed uncontrollably all the way through them. If they tried to have an ad like one of these on TV now, it’d be banned in minutes. Explosions, plane highjackings, theft…blatant parodies of movies…but my god, they’re so hilarious and lighthearted, despite the drama.

Yogo Gorillas Speed Parody adventure.

Cliffhanger. “Don’t let go Yo!” “Did you say…Yogo? Yum!”


Have any favourite adverts? I love searching through Youtube and constantly watch stuff from the early 90’s and 80’s and I am looking for new search terms!

Reaching goals! I filled my change tin and rushed to the bank with it, chucked it all into the sorter and found a US five cent piece amongst the coins, (?) still not sure how that happened. But, I deposited the money straight to my savings account and it got me to a new savings goal!  Excellent.

The love of a man, I don’t know if will ever enjoy singledom now that I have been in a long term relationship, my favourite time of the week is weekends when I can spend time with him and cuddle at night. He drives me MENTAL but I also adore him.

Up and Go’s: I only just started drinking these now, but man, they’re tasty…especially Vanilla Ice. (Ice Ice BABY! Who on earth named this drink?! haha) I really do need the vitamins and minerals and it’s probably not the best place to get them but it helps me out because my diet is pretty ugly these days and I need to get in as much as I can. It’s my train beverage, and it’s good.

Blistex lip ointment, this stuff is amazing and I am a fan forever….it’s cooling, tingling and it smells and tastes great and it’s fantastic for hot OR cold weather, cause my lips chap at every opportunity, I also have a licking and chewing problem, which I cannot stop! It’s such an ingrained habit! So, I need something like this at hand all the time. I’m trying to use it to train myself, if I can taste it, it means I must be chewing! STOP! But, it’s really magical.

Thinking about what direction this blog should take: I’m trying to decide, mostly I just sway back and forth from the two topics of goals and love, but I always intended for there to be more to this place, but I am working on some ideas. Which is a lot of fun!

A tripod: My boyfriend purchased a tripod so he could pursue some photography projects, rather random projects, such as creating GIFS of his video game consoles. I’ll totally have a post of some of the photos sometime, but I do not have links at this time, unfortunately! He has one of his collection of Gameboys moving about, which sounds weird but it’s pretty cool…and slightly seizure inducing. But, he is borrowing my camera to use with the tripod, so I claim some rights to this product! I’m pretty excited to use it, hopefully start up some photo stuff of my own, or maybe get my own and use it with my fathers camera. I used to participate in threesixtyfive, which was a daily self portrait project, and the only thing that really held me back was inspiration and how to pose without holding the camera, or finding somewhere to sit it, and a tripod would have completely saved my sanity.  I didn’t really know how to…buy one, and never really bothered to ask, but when I found out how easy it was and that all cameras fit tripods, it opened up a world of new ideas in my brain!

Have a lovely day!

Inspired by TiLT, but never on Thursday!

You can like comments now! Don’t you just love when you think to yourself, “hm, it’d be great if you could do that…hm,” and then someone actually decides it’s a good idea? Yeah, well, that happened when I found out you could like seperate comments on Facebook…normally i’d comment back and be like, “oh man, if I could like that…IT’D SO BE HAPPENING UP IN HERE!” and now, I can just like it and my notifcations have tripled. Win.

My boyfriend is a video game collector…it’s starting to get quite big and his current focus is Game Boys, I love everything about video games and their consoles…mostly it’s aesthetic for me, I just love the pop colours and design. Finding new ones he needs at markets or shops is a great feeling. I found the gold Gameboy Light, which was only sold in Japan originally but was mystically at a Cash Converters in the eastern ‘burbs of Melbourne. Even looking at updated photos is exciting…man, he needs to put these on a Flickr or something. I can never remember his URL’s for them all. His collection is beautiful to me. Click the pic!

Love & Sequins: Oh, christ, I am addicted…I can’t stop buying these podcasts. I’m currently listening to number 7, which is all about blogging. I always feel so inspired after listening to her content.

New shelves: I recently bought a new bookcase and set it up in my room, threw out an old desk and chucked out a lot of junk I didn’t need anymore. I then set up the shelf with toys, books and other lovelies. I really don’t act my age, because the top shelf is filled with my old stuffed toys and a Lego house which I adore, oh, and my Yoshi figurine. I’m so glad it’s done and dusted, also, it covers a frosted window which leads to the bathroom, and for the first time in my life, I am not woken up when someone goes into the bathroom to take a shower, because it blocks the light. Miracle! My house used to be much smaller and it was a window that led to the outside, then they extended and added a bathroom and an extra bedroom but left the window there. Luckily you can’t see anything except for light through it!

MS Office 2010 is here…oh, yeah…I spose that makes me an epic admin nerd that I am excited about that, yes? I was literally excited and jumping about thinking that they might have changed the standard font…seriously! But, I love that.

My mother just started learning how to SMS: It’s pretty funny…she got the caps stuck on and does not know how to turn it off, today I got a message which looked exactly like this “HOW ARE YOU FEELING                                                JACINTA” Yes, with those spaces…she always gets so shocked when I respond so quickly with two paragraphs of information, and I can’t help but giggle at that too, hey, i’ve been doing this for a decade  now! Oh my god, I have been texting for a decade?!

Was this early or late? I’m going to say early! Show me the links to your loves, so I can read away!

Bad jacinta! So, it’s been a few weeks since I did this last…my computer decided to blow up and I had to  invest in a new one, (which is so shiny) and now I am free to write about those things I love. I might as well start with the laptop! It’s my first big investment, I worked hard to pay for this and I am very proud of that.  I decided which one I wanted from sorting through catalogues and circling things with a purple highligher. After much comparing and thought, I knew I wanted a particular one, and I walked into the store to point at it and ask if any were available, when I noticed…it had a very cool bumpy pattern on it. In the catalogue it looked like a shiny, black plain laptop. In real life it has a fantastic looking pattern texture all over it. I can’t stop touching it.

Staying in on a Saturday night without being stuck worrying about entertaining anyone, watching Legally Blonde on Foxtel and drinking Cokes. Best way to spend a night, i’d say. Dad sits down in the lounge to find me saying each line perfectly: “yeah, you’ve seen this a few too many times now.” I am not ashamed. I also love that I have a father that is more than happy to watch this sort of movie with me, he is the best man in my life. Boyfriends just don’t get it…my boy would be complaining and whining in the corner of the room while cowering infront of a computer monitor. And…the next movie on the TV guide is 10 things I hate about you. WIN!

Harvey Birdman, attorney at law is one of the best cartoons ever and I can’t stop putting the DVD’s on and watching episodes, because they’re just so damn funny. Peanut and Phil Ken Sebben are the best characters ever.

[Looking for his keys] Let’s see, gum wrapper, pocket lint, lighter… Ooo! Flamethrower! Ring of power, dunno what that is, roll of quarters… Wait, that’s not a roll of… Ah! Here they are! [tries to unlock his door repeatedly, without success] Okay… All right… Here we go… Aaaand, opening. On one. Next time. Spatial relationships. Okie-doke! Come to papa! Male end, female end…” – Phil Ken Sebben.

Diet Coke. I am vibrating around and loving it…all week I am very careful to not drink caffiene at night so I can get to bed early…to wake up early to drag my sorry arse to work. I love Coke. So, being able to relax and drink it in the evening on the weekends is awesome. Speaking of delicious things, hot chips and gravy to go with those Cokes. I had a fantastic dinner.

I have been working on a scanning project at work, they wanted someone to scan all of their archived documents, there was a huge stack of boxes to be done, and I made a goal to finish them. Before leaving work yesterday evening, I realised I have about four documents to go before all of the old stuff is done. One more day, and it will all be done and I am going to be so PROUD! I will be able to tick off another goal on my day zero project. Might be too early to love it, but I was really happy to see that I am close to the end.

Very belated!  I have just started a job and have been feeling like I don’t even have enough time to do basic day to day stuff when I get home, so I haven’t been writing anything, but I have some spare time and a few things in mind to write about, so now is the time!

Delicious chippies and cheap drinkies: So, I started a job in a small suburb with barely any shops and not much worth going to…I have only taken two minute noodles twice and I am already sick of them, so I decided to walk up the street and go to Red Rooster for some chips. They were the best chippies I have had in ages. I also bought a drink from there, I am always in pursuit of the cheapest 600ml Coke zero I can find, my milkbar had the record for $3.20, the next was Woolworths for $3.25…Red Rooster has them for $2.75. TWO SEVENTY FIVE! Sadly, it was the most elated I had been in weeks. But, still a great thing.

DVD’s: I found season six of Sex and the City at Cash Converters for fifteen bucks and I have been watching a disc a night after work, good stuff.

DS lite: I have had an unhealthy relationship with the stacking machines they have in shopping centres and arcades. You know the ones, with the blue squares and you need to press the button to stop them moving, and stack them to the top to win a prize. On the weekend, I WON THE MAJOR PRIZE! I was so happy I screamed and people stared, and I didn’t care at all, because I picked an Nintendo DS lite as my prize, so now I get to play Mario on the train. Okay, so I had to buy a game, but still, EPIC WIN! I am considering trading it in to save on the new DS XL…

Haircuts: I got a great haircut and I love having a tiny ponytail again, I had really heavy, thick hair and it feels great to have it fixed up again.

Routine: I have worked out a great routine for my mornings and I am so used to it now, I love being able to get to the station at the exact same time every morning and everything is so familiar and good. Then, I do my maths training, get to a certain stop when it’s done, and then put my earphones in and music it up until my stop. I’m weird like that.

Now, to start watching some SATC before I get ready for bed!

Here we go!

3D view on Google maps: Dude, I thought this was just an April fools joke, but the little, happy orange man is still showing off his 3D glasses and everything is still a fun, blue and red tinge. I love Google. I spend way too much time on maps finding where my next interview is, or exploring foreign countries, so this was a surprising and very cute touch.

chocolatiers Australia eggs: Oh, they were so good…I wasn’t going to have any chocolate this easter, I thought of maybe buying some when it was on sale after the weekend, but Dad came home with some of these eggs for me and they were ever so yummy. Especially the Abstract Heaven one, it was pretty much just a marble one with a bit of white chocolate amongst regular milk chocolate but it really made my weekend. Yes, food can make a weekend.

Still using Metcards: So Myki is flailing and flopping around on the floor…and if someone doesn’t throw it into the water soon, it’ll die. Well…that’s probably a poor example regarding ticket machines. I love Metcards and I am so glad they haven’t put Myki into place yet, and everyday I have to press in daily concession, zone 2 into a machine to have it spit out a blue piece of cardboard, I will be happy. It’s nostalgic to me, it’s pleasant, and it’s one thing in this world that just…works. So, why replace it?

90’s music: So, I buy a lot of CD’s, I just go to through JB and grab as many $9.99 titles as I can, and this is a relatively cheap way to get all of the music I used to listen to back in the day. I recently bought Nsync, Bon Jovi, Pink and Christina Agulera,  but don’t tell my boyfriend, he just wouldn’t understand. Bye bye bye!

YouTube knows me: So, YouTube never really ‘got’ me, I would visit and there would be suggestions for me on the homepage that just didn’t make sense, oh yeah…I can’t wait to see that sporting event highlight…but lately it’s been really catering to my needs. I have been looking everywhere for the shortened version of a song, not the extended clip that goes for nine minutes, just the song…without all of the story in between. So, YouTube finally finds it for me. Also, thanks for all of the walk through videos for Final Fantasy VII, it’s making me want to play it again. Good website, good!

Great interview: I had a pleasant interview this week, and this is a very rare occurence, normally I walk in and am attacked with behavioural questions, and analysed on a level I simply don’t understand, while a panel smirk at me. But, I had a lovely chat to a nice boss, saw where I would be working, a nice private spot with plenty of desk space…and the questionnaire I DID have to do showed great results when I was talked through it, and it was actually a self-confidence boost! Also, it’s a job i’d really be comfortable doing, so wish me luck that I hear good words from them! I think I did well, so I am just happy with that.

…and then a day after writing that, I got offered that job. So that belongs in here too!

Hope you all had a great week.